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Brad Zigler


Uncorrelate Me

Alternative strategies are growing in popularity but the variance in returns is treacherous.
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Alternative Insights e-Letter has teamed up with Brad Zigler to create the "Alternative Insights e-Letter". We'll cover the world of alternative investments (AI) -- hedge funds and exchange-traded products (ETPs) --from the advisor's perspective in the newsletter. With an annual subscription you'll receive the newsletter and exclusive access to all of Brad Zigler's content.
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Local Economic Report

Comparative analyses of locally headquartered public companies.
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Advisor Use of ETPs - Lessons From the Trenches

Project Consultant Brad Zigler's survey reveals financial advisors' attitudes about exchange-traded products.
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Brad's Desktop

Brad Zigler's daily column offers fresh insights into the world of commodities, economic trends and investment strategies.
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The Curmudgeon By Brad Zigler

The Curmudgeon WANTS YOU (to write his column). A hilarious reflection on the creative process.
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Money Talks

Money's not something we ordinarily talk about here at the Bohemian, at least not without plenty of tissues nearby. Bob Woodward, Norman Mailer and Phil Bronstein notwithstanding, journalists don't tend much to the growing of dosh.
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What If The Gold Market Breaks dDwn?

With silver now within reach of its 1980 high, investors are rightfully concerned about the future course of precious metals. Investment forums and chat rooms are buzzing with questions. Are silver and gold headed to yet-higher levels? Have the metals been overbought by zealous speculators, creating a bubble now ripe for bursting?
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Running The Numbers

For years, a raucous debate has raged between proponents of active and passive investment management. Since Jack Bogle's Vanguard Group launched the first retail index tracker in 1976, most of the skirmishing's occurred in the mutual fund space. The proliferation of exchange-traded portfolio products in the early 2000s, however, caused the battle lines to be redrawn.
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A New Look for ETFs

Some people are born complainers. Take John Bogle, founder of the giant Vanguard mutual fund family, for instance. In a recent op-ed piece written for the Wall Street Journal, Bogle grumbled that proliferation in the exchange.
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Enhanced Indexing

Brad Zigler's essay ("A Simple Proposition for Index Enhancement") joins other other contributors of original research on the latest enhanced indexing strategies for institutional investors.
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'Index Speculators' Are NOT To Blame

Readers of this publication know better than most just how hard it is to be an index investor. It's bad enough putting up with the sneers of active investors who think we're settling for mediocrity, but it's quite another to get shellacked by Congress.
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Brad Zigler

Brad Zigler has been both the observed and the observer on Wall Street and LaSalle Avenue. He was a regular media presence while heading up marketing, research and education for the Pacific Exchange's (now NYSE Arca) option market and the iShares complex of exchange-traded funds.

Brad moved to observer status when he started writing for REP., Ticker, Mutual Fund, Futures, Financial Planning and Financial Advisor magazines, as well as Institutional Investor Journals. Brad then became the managing editor of Hard Assets Investor and subsequently. alternative investments editor for REP./

A morbid fear of idleness prompted him to also serve as a financial correspondent for the European Press Network and National Public Radio.

Brad is a writer/editor member of the Society of American Business Editors and Writers, the American Society of Journalists and Authors and the Society of Professional Journalists.



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